WAS Mixed Acheived

With a little help from the North Dakota QSO party I was able to get the last state for my mixed Worked All States (WAS). Big thanks go out to the operator who uploaded their log so quickly after the contest.

73 de KF5JRA


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Look, No hands

With me just turning half a century old (50) I made my life easier at the desk of my ham station.

I have always eyed my dad’s (N6XT) Green Heron RT-21 so I have been on the look out for one to be had for quite some time. So a little over a week before my birthday I spotted a RT-21D posted on swap.qth.com that was almost half the cost of a new unit. Like any good ham operator I did my due diligence to verify the seller was legit. Everything was on the up and up and I became the proud owner of the RT-21D.

A simple reconfiguration of the controller (original owner was using it with a Yaesu rotor) to work with my Ham-IV, hooking up the pigtail and I was in business. Added the rotor configuration to both DXLab’s DXView and to N1MM+’s rotor application without issue (both authors have awesome documentation on their websites. Quick test with both to ensure everything was optimal and working properly and I was in business.

Now I have both hands free to work contacts and no longer require holing my arm to move my antenna. A big thanks go out to:

  • – My dad (N6XT) for the assistance
  • – Jeff over at Green Heron Engineering for answering all my questions and dealing with my impatience.

Hope to see you down the log.

73 de KF5JRA


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DXCC 100 (Mixed) Accomplished

This short blog entry is to record that I have confirmed 100 DXCC via LoTW. Now it is time to start working toward the next step.

Hope to see you down the Log

73 de KF5JRA


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IDXC 2017

The stars have aligned and I have found the time and the finances to be able to attend the International DX Convention. This is will be my first time attending this convention that my dad (N6XT) has been attending for quite some time. This is also the first time both my dad and I will be attending something together that we both share a passion for.

I am looking forward to the face to face QSO’s with everyone that I have either met on the air, or have e-mailed back and forth be it directly or via one of the many e-mail reflectors I am a participant of.

I am also hoping to have at least enough credits for my MIXED 100 DXCC (purely LoTW confirmed) before the convention. So if you have not uploaded your LoTW in awhile I would appreciate it if you can to help me get one step closer.

Hope to see you their!

73 de KF5JRA


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Roof-Top Tower Installed

With the help of my good neighbor (Jay) one of my goals was accomplished. I was finally able to get my Glen Martin RT-936 roof-top tower installed. The tower is supporting a K4KIO 6-Band Hex Beam with the rotating duties being handled by a HyGain Ham-iV rotator.

With the rental of a 45 foot boom lift the process went smoothly. The 20m band sits approximately 32 feet off the ground. After everything was cleaned up I made three DX contacts with good signal reports. (Check either QRZ, ClubLog, or HRDLog for the date this was published.)

Below are a few pics from the install.

IMG 3080IMG 3083
IMG 3090IMG 3092

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ICOM IC-7300

I have finally stepped into the current age of ham radio (as far as the rig goes). On Friday (04/15/2016) I signed for my IC-7300 that was properly handled by the UPS guy. The radio is not much bigger than my IC-735 but the performance is ten fold over my old radio.

Operating the radio standalone (with out a computer) has been a blast and a joy to operate. The MFJ-939 tuner is now on the shelf since I have a LDG tuner that now handles the tuning of my carolina windom (IC-7300’s internal tuner can not get a good match). Also the signalink is also on the shelf. Pretty much everything is on the shelf except the icom external speaker. Contemplating on ordering the control cable for the tuner so I can do it in one step instead of three.

With having such a new radio with different technology than its predecessors I am excreting patience in waiting for the mac ham radio software developers to add full support for the radio. (You know the old saying, “Good things come to people who wait”) I have reached out to the developers of the software I use and have expressed my extreme interest in them adding full support for the ic-7300. I even went as far as e-mailing them the CI-V command section from the full manual.

Online social support has been awesome both in the IC-7300 Facebook group as well as the IC7300 yahoo group. Every day I am learning something new (positive) about the radio as I try new things to try and get my current version of software to work.

Cya on the bands (and hopefully in my log)

73 de KF5JRA

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First Contact for 2016

On Friday before the ARRL DX SSB contest I was finally able to sit down to my ham station. After getting all of the software updated and finding I had fourteen (14) Q’s in LoTW I got to turn on my IC-735 and spin around the bands. Good thing was after five months the IC-735 was still working like a champ.

Was able to make a contact to Chile (CE3/LU8ADX) and got a 59 report with my carolina windom still in winter mode (Slacked down to about fifteen to twenty feet). After the successful contact I raised the Windom up to its normal operating height of thirty-fie feet and got ready to setup RUMLogNG for contesting. This all went smoothly without any issues. I was set and ready to go.

While waiting for the contest to start I got pulled away by higher priorities and was unable to participate in the contest. I least got one contact in before the contest and all my gear checked out ok after sitting for the last five moths with out any love.

73 de KF5JRA

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Still Here. . . .

I am still here and am highly aware that I have not posted anything to my site in quite sometime since I moved it here. It has been a very busy year and I don’t see my personal or professional life slowing in the near future.

Even my hobbies have been suffering on how busy I have been. Trust me I miss my RF therapy (aka Ham Radio). 

Hopefully soon I can break away and get some me time.  🙂

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Site Moved …

Due to unforeseen circumstances caused by Textdrive closing their doors without any notice I am slowly getting data restored and my site along with others back online. 

Stay posted for further updates

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Adding a Shop

With the property/land cleaned up we had a shop built to be able house cars, work on projects, and to be my future ham shack/man cave. With the structure and exterior completed and the electrical wiring in process we (ian, Kyle and I) started on the following:

  • Insulated walls and ceiling.
  • Piped air to every wall and a spot in the ceiling.
  • Networked the shop to the house network (Ethernet jack in ham shack room and Access Point in the center of the shop.
  • Routed TV coax and speaker wires
  • Created an 12’x 8′ room to serve as my (Ron’s) ham shack.

Shop Features

  • Dedicated 220 circuit for Ham Radio Amplifier.
  • Dedicated circuit for Ham Radio.
  • Dedicated circuit for Ham Shack.
  • Dedicated circuit for air compressor.
  • Each wall in the shop uses its dedicated own circuit.
  • Three light bays with three lights each (enough light for any project).
  • Dedicated 35 amp 220V circuit for RV or possible tools
  • Exterior light provided by Flood lights located on all four sides.
  • High Speed Internet Access.
  • Cable TV with Surround sound.

Probably went a little overboard but wanted to ensure that I covered all my possible contingencies of what I ever wanted to ever do or be capable of doing. Shop was completed on Mar 2014. A huge “Thank You” goes to my neighbor (Jay) for all the help with hanging and texturing the drywall. Also a huge “Thank You” goes to my step-son (Ian) for doing the texturing and painting of the interior of the shop.

Below are some pics of our finished work:

IMG 0356
IMG 0357
IMG 0358
IMG 0359

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